Do’s and Don’ts

We want you to earn as much as you can using CoinSpiller! We’ve listed some of the best ways to earn more with CoinSpiller below, as well as some of the reasons that could cause your account to become blocked or suspended.

Things you shouldn’t do: (these will earn you nothing and ensure your account gets suspended)

  • Create multiple accounts: Only one account is allowed per person. Make sure that you only ever log in to one account.
  • Use a proxy server or VPN: Using a service that can mask your real location isn’t allowed. Ensure these are disabled before logging in.
  • Complete offers illegitimately: Follow the offer instructions closely and only enter genuine, valid information.
  • Run any scripts or bots: Running any scripts is never allowed and is a surefire way to suspend your account.
  • Break our partners’ rules: Double-check that you’re following the rules and device limits of any partner sites you use with CoinSpiller, such as EngageMe.TV or VideoBull.
  • Attempt to cheat the system in any way: We manually review accounts and payments and will always catch on to attempts to defraud us or our partners.

Things you should do: (these will help you to earn as much as possible on CoinSpiller!)

  • Try out the different ways to earn: Complete offerstake surveyswatch videoscomplete tasksplay games or invite your friends!
  • Visit CoinSpiller every day: Some exclusive offers will only be available for a short time – so make sure you check back as often as you can to see if any new offers have become available to you!
  • Enter promo codes: Enter any promo codes you find online by going to Earn > Redeem Promo Codes to receive free bonus points!
  • Tell your friends about us: You can earn up to 10% of everything your referrals earn for life! Just send your friends your unique referral link to boost your earnings.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter: Make sure you’re following us for the latest news, development updates, reward sales and promo codes (posted weekly, monthly and sometimes randomly)!
  • Disable your ad blocker: This ensures that you can see all available offers and that they will track without any issues.
  • Update your device and browser: Use the latest version of the browser you’re running for more available offers and for a smoother browsing experience. We’d recommend using Google Chrome.
  • Let us know your feedback: Have any ideas or feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at any time.
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